Condor with non-lethal ammunition

The agents of the law offer devices with high technology, in the actions of law enforcement agencies, in the fight against crime and in riot control operations.
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Software for forensic processing of images and videos

Amped Software solutions are used by the top law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. The company focuses on developing global leading solutions for all image and video processing needs relating to forensics, investigations, public security, and intelligence…

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Biometrics and voice analysis

Phonexia transforms voice to knowledge with its innovative speech analytics and voice biometrics technologies. Its Phonexia Speech Platform is the first on the market using exclusively deep neural networks to allow speaker identification with …

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Lawful interception and intelligence solutions


Wispear designs and develops Wi-Fi intelligence and intersection products that enable Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Wispear designs and develops Wifi intelligence and intersection products.

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