About us


A Company originally from Holland, which began operations in Colombia in 1919 under the name of Curacao Trading Company. In 1962, it started as Compañía Comercial Curacao de Colombia S.A, (LA CURACAO) 100% subsidiary of CETECO GROUP of Holland, in the year 1990 is registered as a 100% Colombian company with a collegiate management and legal representation structure.

La CURACAO currently has 37 employees, 60% of engineering and technical degrees, 40% administrative and sales, administration and accounting are centralized with external, being one of the most traditional companies in Colombia legal support with knowledge, experience and reputation of the following three (3) sections:



Passion for providing solutions to our clients by solving their hundred per cent needs with the support of the best human talent and a broad portfolio of products and services.


Maintain leadership in the Colombian environment; with an international oversee as suppliers and integrators of advanced technologies as well as services that meet the necessities of our clients with great social impact.

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