Start recording with the Super 35 portable camcorder

A portable camcorder should allow its handling in confined spaces, to work by holding it on the lap and move with ease to record at high and low angles with the same effectiveness. In addition, a portable camcorder should run to perfection to support him in the chest and remain stable while you hold it in your hand and have all the controls at your fingertips. The extraordinary PXW-FS5 Sony makes all of this and much more.

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Camera HDC4300


SZC-4001: Licensing agreements of software pay per use System 4 camera HDC-4300 K/HD offers users greater flexibility and significant savings



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All the details about Planar Systems

Planar Systems, Inc. today announced that PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter developers have chosen mural video Clarity® system Matrix™ LCD Planar to help market the luxury condos to prospective buyers.


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Planar Clarity Matrix: Observe multi-source in real time for critical environments

In this great visual wall, agents and officials control the points of the city, detect the incidents over time and use all the elements that adapt to customers.

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